Three Things Thursday: January 15, 2015

Today I’m joining in again on Nerd in the Brain’s weekly challenge, Three Things Thursday, where she asks you to “share three things from the previous week that made you smile or laugh or appreciate the awesomeness of your life.”

I’d like to share three photos that fall into the “awesomeness of life” category.

We’ve had a week of cold, drizzly weather in Atlanta.

I work on the 72nd floor of a highrise building, typically surrounded by stunning views of the city. For the last few days, we’ve been completely wrapped in a cotton batting of fog, unable to see more than an inch or two beyond the windows.

Walking into my office this morning, my eye was caught by a flash of black, piercing the endless gloom.

The image was so cool and surreal and Goth-y, I had to get a picture.  Dumping the entire contents of my purse on the floor (with my customary elegance), I scrambled for my phone before the view was lost in the mists.

It was eery and wildly magical.

As the clouds swirled and eddied past me, I caught a hint of changing weather…

and a promise of blue skies to come.







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