A sea of serenity

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asked that you publish a photo conveying serenity.

I’m finally starting to feel a little calmer, now that I’m physically several hours and mentally several hundred miles away from the cacophony of my office, phone and computer.  It’s been…well, it’s been a week.

A glass of wine and a snugly blanket are doing a bang up job of helping me relax.

I’ll spare you a selfie of me chilling out on the couch, since I’d rather show you some pretty pictures of light and ocean – something that always makes me feel calm, peaceful and effortless.


I took these when we were in Rosemary Beach, back in October.


I don’t think there can be bad sunsets, but theirs seem to be particularly lovely, with sea, sand and sky like molten metal.


Right now, I’m wishing to be…

…basking in that serenity.


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