To all of you out there owned by a cat(s)

Please share with me, if you would, if you know why a finicky cat, who turns his nose up at his dinner, and walks away from the dish with a disgusted “meow”…

…gobbles it up, as long as you stand over him. Seriously. I’m standing here, on top of him, reaching to send an email from my laptop on the counter while returning a text on my phone. He inhales his food. The second I walk away, he stops eating and starts complaining. As long as I remain here, looming over him, he eats. It seems like it’s more about mommy labor involved in the dinner (my dedication to my “mommy craft,” as it were) vs. the actual tastiness of the dinner.

I think someone said, once (?!), that cats are low maintenance. They clearly weren’t owned by one.

Or two.



8 thoughts on “To all of you out there owned by a cat(s)

  1. I had a cat once who hated to see the bottom of his food bowl and would come and get me to shake the food so he couldn’t see the bottom of his bowl. That was how it started…I realized at some point that he not only had me come down to make sure his bowl was full but had actually trained me to rub his shoulders while he ate.

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  2. Hi, Kim! Good to hear from you on the Nanopoblano posts again.
    I don’t know why cats do this. One of ours did the same thing, then wanted me to put the food on my fingers so she could eat from there. And she was slow doing it. haha! 🙂

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    • Thank you! It’s nice to be back! Remember with those word math problems back in school where they wanted to “see your work”? I think cats are the same. We’re being judged on participation, form and perseverance as well as food quality, quantity and frequency of service. 🙂

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  3. He is so spoiled! Smokey, our cat loved to age 14 on Special Kitty from wmart. Detested healthy cat food. We brought him a piece of fried catfish once. He sniffed it, swatted it away and walked off but he loved live minnows when we were fishing.😜

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