Happy Thanksgiving!


From all of us.



Thanksgiving Eve

So thrilled and thankful to be home with my whole family!  It’s been a crazy but good week.

Another nine-hour drive today, but finally united with the folks I love and a chance to relax and just enjoy time being with them.

And look!  David won a dog, too!

And the Great Pie Caper Continues…

Oh, yeah, I renamed it “The Great Pie Caper of 2018.”  Sounds a little more exciting.

Yesterday, my business partner, Mike, and I journeyed over 300 miles (all within the confines of “Metro” Atlanta), to deliver pumpkin pies to our clients as a Thank You for letting us help them find their perfect home.

Today, we woke up, exhausted, but with 14 more pies to deliver.  We decided to split up – I took the North, he took the South.

At least it was a beautiful day for driving.

It was really awesome to see how our clients have settled in and made their new homes “their own.” From yard improvements, paint jobs and new furnishings, they’ve all updated their places to reflect their personalities.


And their sense of humor.

(Oh, by the way, I won a dog!!!)

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
David Mamet, Boston Marriage

The Great Pie Drop 2018

Today my business partner and I picked up 30 fresh-baked pumpkin pies and delivered them to clients we had helped to buy or sell a home this year.


We’re the kind of realtors who make all we do about genuinely taking care of our clients – we go where they need us verses limiting ourselves to a certain neighborhood or area of town.  We’ve worked with people over the entire Metro Area this year, from Canton in the northern ‘burbs to Covington, down south.


Today we drove almost 300 miles dropping off pies to our client list.  No kidding.  From 10 this morning until almost 10 tonight.

Some people weren’t home, but we did manage to catch up with about seven or eight of our clients and spend a few minutes with them before we were off to the next destination.  It was so wonderful to see them living in and loving their homes and so excited about the changes in their lives!

We’re definitely thankful for our wonderful clients – most who’ve become friends and part of our family.  Wishing them and you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Happy Anniversary, Baby

Cheers to my good friend , Yu Kai Lin on the 10th Anniversary of his art gallery, Kai Lin Art.

Amazing night with works from 60 different artists spanning 10 years worth of shows.

Thrilled to support our friend and see some incredible local art! Here’s to the next 10 and then, Yu Kai Lin!

::all our love, KAVID::

A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to Sips and Vittles of the Modern South: N is for Nashville Hot Chicken

nashvillehotHey guys!  We’re back today with the Hellacious Belle’s guide to Southern Food and Bevs, ’cause whoo hoo!  We just got us a Hattie B’s in the ATL and I wanted to share.

Hattie B’s is a purveyor of Nashville Hot Chicken, which is a type of fried chicken made famous in the Music City, that’s marinated in spices, crispy fried and sauced again with a pepper-based paste.

Nashville Hot Chicken is usually served with white bread and some pickle chips and ranges from mild, “Southern” heat to “Burn Notice” style, STCU.

Our branch of Hatti B’s has been open maybe a month or two but the lines are still wrapped around the block at lunch and dinner.  I’ll pass for now on a wait for a plate and instead try my luck making my own fiery fried cluck, with a recipe courtesy of the Food Network.

In a way that somebody else converts to Judaism or becomes a Hare Krishna, I belong to the church of fried chicken. – Padma Lakshmi