Welcome to NaBloPoMo…

Or the kinder and gentler version of National Blog Posting Month that I’ve been privileged to participate in the past years – that is: NaNoPoblano, or Team Tiny {cheer}Peppers.

I say, kinder and gentler, because the wonderful community of Cheer Pepper bloggers and supporters rally each year to get us all through the 30-day writing challenge with inspiration, encouragement and enough simple post “likes” to let you know you’re not alone, tossing words into the blog-o-sphere like tiny little rocks into a vast ocean, but are actually heard.nanopoblano2019

It feels like forever since last year (and I don’t think I’ve blogged a word since last November), I have zero ideas about what to write about and I’m having to relearn the tricks to posting on WordPress, but I’m oddly (and actually) really happy to be back!  Looking forward to writing, reading and commenting with the Team!

Cat Rules 101 – Rule 41: The Zombie Apocalypse


Rule 41 of the Cat Rules Handbook regards The Zombie Apocalypse.  It is well understood, of course, that felines are the First (and Best) Line of Defense in the case of The Zombie Apocalypse.


Therefore, it is equally understood that they need their rest prior to this momentous event.


We’ll thank them when they come.




A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to Sips and Vittles of the Modern South: I is for Inside Meat #AtoZChallenge

A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to Sips and Vittles of the Modern South: H is for Handpie #AtoZChallenge


OMG, I have to stop writing about food for this challenge.  I’m perpetually hungry and can think of nothing but making and eating all the food that I’m writing about.

Today, we look at the humble handpie, or fried pie, another traditional Southern consumable.

In theory, the handpie can be savory (and is in many cuisines, such as the divine empanadas of Hispanic culinary culture) but in the Southern United States, it’s traditionally sweet.

A single portion: rolled out biscuit dough, an aromatic filling of spices and fresh fruits (plums, peaches, apples), a quick crimp ’round the corners and a fast fry in hot oil – drain and dust with powdered sugar or a cinnamon sugar blend – maybe a drizzle of icing glaze.

A hot, palate-intensive flash of concentrated fruit flavor surrounded by sweet, melt-y, crunchy, flakey, amazing – give me one, NOW.



I, for one, am ready for a handout.

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
David Mamet, Boston Marriage


A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to Sips and Vittles of the Modern South: C is for Cheerwine #AtoZChallenge

healthy living-1


C is for Cheerwine

[chir wahyn]

I’ll make a confession to y’all.

I have never actually had a Cheerwine.

Of course, I know all about them – they’re truly iconic to Southern culture – the “Nectar of North Carolina” as it were; but yeah, somehow or another, I’ve never actually consumed one of the fizzy, black-cherry “Legends.”

Not that Cheerwine’s gonna lose any sleep over my lack of commitment.  According to the owners, the Carolina Beverage Corporation of Salisbury, North Carolina, even without my meager contribution, they’ve managed to become the nation’s “the oldest continuing soft drink company still run by the same family.”


For ages, you could only get Cheerwine inside the Carolinas, or smuggled out a case or a four pack at a time, like Coors beers of long ago slipped out of Texarkana by the “Bandit.”

But to celebrate their 100th year of production in 2017, Cheerwine has partnered with Pepsi Bottling Company  to distribute their elixir throughout the entire United States of America.

Their slogan: “Born in the South.  Raised in a Glass.”

Of course, while you can raise a Cheerwine as a toast, the beverage itself has no alcohol.  It was named because of its “wine red” color and that “cheery” feeling you “get” from drinking one.


Insiders (that is, a former college roommate whose name I won’t disclose) have revealed that the lack of alcohol in Cheerwine can be easily remedied by mixing your cheery cherry soda with a little Captain Morgan Spiced rum, to make a drink called a “Captain Cheerwine,” or the “Whining Pirate.”

captain cheerwine

Hmm.  I’m seriously wondering how I managed to miss this one. I was pretty open minded about aquatic-themed mixed drinks when I was in college.

Oh well, if boozin’ up your bubbles is not your thang, you could still get a sugar rush.

In 2010, Cheerwine began a collaboration with fellow North Carolina-based Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, to produce a limited run “cheerwine-cream filled” variety.

I’m trying to imagine what a cheerwine-cream filled doughnut would taste like.  I think I’ll limit that to my imagination.

Unless you’d like to pair it with a “Pirate.”

Know this, though: Even if the soft drink reaches all 50 states, there’s one thing we can claim about our Cheerwine that the rest of the country cannot. It tastes like home. It tastes like North Carolina. – Jimmy Thomlin




#Weekend Coffee Share: Survival is Sweet


~My theme for this month’s Nano Poblano challenge is Motion~

Hey!  So good to see you again!  Thank you for dropping by!

I made it through this week.  That is cause for celebration.

Let’s grab a cup and head out to the front porch – the weather is finally lovely and fall-like and it’s so nice sitting out their on the porch swing.

You are catching me on the end of a crazy busy seven-ish days. Yesterday, I helped out a friend of mine, who is a private chef, produce a rehearsal dinner for 50+ people.  Today, my husband and I hosted a book club meeting for my women’s organization.

Yes, we are a wine club who likes to read.


About 10  lovely ladies showed up for wine and snacks this afternoon to discuss our quarterly book selection, The Widow.  I thought the book was pretty good – the last few chapters were very suspenseful.  It’s not something I would have picked out on my own to read – most of our book group selections aren’t, so it’s nice to read a little out-0f-the-box every now and again.


Of course, Jeeves our alligator butler, met them at the door with a book and a drink.

Otherwise, my work week was insane.  I had two full complex buyouts with super-complicated logistics which meant my life hinged on the organizers’ daily whims.  I am so very grateful that they are over and done.

Done and successful.  ::whew::  Actually, I can pour you another cup of coffee or you can join me in a shot of tequila if you’re interested.  (Just kidding, but tempting after this week.)

So please tell me about your week…what did you do?  Did you accomplish a lot or just find time to relax and enjoy the change in Season?  Are you writing for NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo or Nano Poblano?  If so, how’s that going?

Do be sure to stop by next week for coffee again: big announcements are coming!

And thanks to Miss Emily’s Home for Full Grown Nerds for turning me on to Diane at Part-Time Monster’s #weekendcoffeeshare.  Please stop by her page to enjoy coffee and time with the rest of the crew!




Nanopoblano 2016: Day 1

November 1st.  It’s the first day of National Blog Posting Month.

It’s also the first day of Nano Poblano: a month-long, daily word lagniappe – a blog-i-licious goody bag of stories, poetry, photos and posts from the Cheer Peppers, led by the lovely Ra and her constellation of glowing, twinkly blokin.

I’m so excited to be a part of Nano Poblano – it thrills me each year to be included with these kind, supportive, talented Peppers.  I’m excited to write, but (totally typical) I’m having a crazy-hard time writing.

It’s been a year of changes for me – and not just actual change, a lot of that is still coming, but planning for change t00 and that’s pretty huge stuff ’cause you want to get it right.

I’ve had to find the right space for this garden of what-i-want-to-be where I can grow and become, clearing out the underbrush so the sunlight and starlight can flood in, studying and planning and sorting the things to plant that I want to bloom into reality.  Prepping and weeding and watering and breathing and believing and watching as the tiny sprout-lets push towards the surface.

I decided it might help to have a theme for my contributions to Nano Poblano this year.  There’s so many thoughts swirling and twirling about my wee kitten head that maybe a label could also be a focus, an anchor, a corral, a guide.

My choice is motion.

Sailing on Saturday with my husband, I saw these amazing beings dancing through the water with such grace and joy and ease that I hope with all my heart I can bring some of their magic into my movement forward.