Share Your World – 2015 Week #46

Here’s my contribution to Cee’s Weekly Question and Answer Challenge – Share Your World.

What type of popular candy you do not like to get?


Andes Thin Mints. 

When I was seven or eight, I got a box of them in my Christmas stocking and  for some reason, proceeded to eat The. Entire.Box. To this day, I can’t smell chocolate and peppermint together without feeling nauseated.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500?


I would have a huge dinner party with lots of friends. That’s one of my favorite things in the world: to gather a bunch of my favorite people together and throw out a huge spread with some great wines and wonderful conversation.

Where do you eat breakfast?


I don’t usually eat breakfast during the week – it’s a jump out of bed, get ready and bolt for work kinda thing.  I do love brunch on the weekend with friends, especially when we walk the Beltline over to Inman Park, Krog Market or Ponce City Market. 


My Daddy loves to cook, and I so enjoy the big family breakfasts he makes on holidays and when we’re on vacation at the beach. Bacon, sausage, eggs to order, fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy and a big, spicy bloody mary!

Would you rather ride one of the worlds longest zip lines or bungee jump one of the highest in the world? This will come with a 5-day all expense vacation.

I think I would rather ride a zip line.  I’ve been para sailing before, and that was awesome.  I think I’d rather have the long, fast ride than a giant drop!

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I was grateful for time spent with friends during the week and David’s family over the weekend.  This week, I’m really looking forward to the brunch we’re hosting on Sunday!  We haven’t had a party in months and I’m especially thrilled to that a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a long time will be attending.  It will be an early Thanksgiving in a lot of ways.



Share Your World – 2015 Week 8

This week’s questions from Cee’s weekly “Share Your World” blog prompt:

Your favorite blog post that you have written? (add link)

"We are Martial."

“We are Martial.”

There are two, and for very different reasons.  I think “We Are Martial” is the funny (to me at least), quippy kind of writing I wish I could do more of.

Missing Nkoyen” is a tribute to my best friend Nyk, who passed away five years ago.  It’s far from a worthy tribute to all that she was to so many of us, but it’s just one effort, as e.e. cumming, said, to carry her heart with me, “to carry it in my heart.”

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? Why?

A big dinner party at home or at a restaurant with a bunch of friends. Eating and drinking while spending time with people I love is one of my favorite things in the world to do.

We host dinner parties all the time, from our big Burn’s Supper in January, to St. Paddy’s Day dinners, Easter soirees, and 4th of July barbeques to food-themed movie nights, like “The Breakfast Club,” (with pancakes and bacon) and “Dr. No” (with Dark and Stormys and Key Crab Cakes.)

Burn's Supper

Burn’s Supper

If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

I think I would ask for direction on what my dream job would be and how I would go about getting it. I love designing events and creating images and stories for brands and social media. It would be amazing to write every day as part of my job. I wish I could combine them all and get a realistic paycheck.

Where do you eat breakfast?

When I’m with my husband, who usually cooks, we will eat in front of the fireplace in the winter, or on bar stools at the kitchen island. Otherwise, I might scarf down a bagel at my desk at work.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

For last week, I am grateful that it didn’t snow or ice over because I had so many events at work that would have been cancelled or negatively impacted. (Note: this is changing as we speak, as winter weather descends on us once again.  There are events that could still be cancelled or negatively impacted. Dammit.)

This week coming up?  See Question 2:  I am looking forward to a big brunch with friends on Sunday, followed by dinner with other friends visiting from out of town.  Yay!

Share Your World – 2015 Week #7

I’m really enjoying Cee’s Weekly Blogging Challenges.

Tuesday’s challenge, “Share Your World” asks you to answer a few diverse questions; sharing a little about yourself and your thoughts with your readers.

Is the paper money in your possession right now organized sequentially according to denomination and with the bills right side up and facing the same way?

No, to be honest, I have probably have a single dollar or a fiver wrinkled up at the bottom of my wallet.  I’m all ATM now and never carry cash.  This marks the vast gulf between now and my years as a bartender, when it was all about cash and when all my money had to be faced, sequential, crisp and organized (or I had a tiny meltdown.)


What is your favorite type of dog? (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal or character in a movie)

Even though I have two very amazing kitties that I love with all my heart,  I do love dogs too and volunteer for a rescue so I get a chance to help and hang out with some pups.

I grew up with labs, shepherds and dobermans, but I would have to say that my current favorite type of dog is a foster dog, any foster dog, because they desperately need love, support and shelter while they find their forever homes.

I am very happy to announce that we are the proud foster parents of a young gentleman named Beau who we hope will become a permanent member of our family.  He’s a black lab, around two years old.

Beau with his ducky.

Beau with his ducky.

He’s pretty awesome.

If money was not an issue, would you go on a cruise? If so where would you go?

Years ago, I worked for a travel agency and sold cruises, but never went on one, even though I had several opportunities.  Should I go now, I think I would like to visit somewhere classically exotic in the Mediterranean – Amalfi, Greece, the Côte d’Azur.  Of course, I wouldn’t say no to French Polynesia: Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea.  Just not in typhoon season.

Amalfi Coast, Italy image source:

Amalfi Coast, Italy
image source:

Would you dare to sleep in haunted house overnight?

I lived in a haunted townhouse in Old Town Arlington, Virginia for a few months.  I was terrified to even be in the house and totally thrilled to get out of it.  Weird stuff happened.  Just saying.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful that our sweet foster pup has come to live with us.  Getting up in the sub-artic air at the crack of crap each morning for bathroom runs has been a little challenging, but it’s worth it.

I’m looking forward this week to seeing a really old and dear friend, Colleen, who will be visiting from California with her husband, Gary.

Me, Heidi and Colleen on one of her last visits!

Me, friend Heidi and Colleen on one of her last visits!

Thanks, Cee for the challenge and happy Wednesday to everyone!