A Hellacious Belle’s Pictorial Guide to the New South: D is for Drawers #AtoZChallenge


D is for Drawers

/drôrz/ or /drôr-ahz/

Drawers may be where you store your unmentionables, but in the South, it’s the unmentionables themselves.

The use of the term “drawers” instead of “underwear” most likely originated in 16th century Europe, but eventually packed up its own drawers and journeyed to the Southern U.S. to settle comfortably into our everyday speech. It is said to derive from the act of putting on your underpants – you “draw” them up your body.

Sure, people in the South use the words “boxers,” “panties,” and “tighty whities,” but saying “drawers” is a lot more fun.

“Well, calm down and keep your drawers on.”

“Did you bring you a set of clean drawers?”

“I swear, she’s not got a lick o’ decency.  She’s got no drawers on a’tall under that dress.”

“Put your drawers on, and take your gun off.”– Blondie, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”