Nanopoblano 2016: Day 1

November 1st.  It’s the first day of National Blog Posting Month.

It’s also the first day of Nano Poblano: a month-long, daily word lagniappe – a blog-i-licious goody bag of stories, poetry, photos and posts from the Cheer Peppers, led by the lovely Ra and her constellation of glowing, twinkly blokin.

I’m so excited to be a part of Nano Poblano – it thrills me each year to be included with these kind, supportive, talented Peppers.  I’m excited to write, but (totally typical) I’m having a crazy-hard time writing.

It’s been a year of changes for me – and not just actual change, a lot of that is still coming, but planning for change t00 and that’s pretty huge stuff ’cause you want to get it right.

I’ve had to find the right space for this garden of what-i-want-to-be where I can grow and become, clearing out the underbrush so the sunlight and starlight can flood in, studying and planning and sorting the things to plant that I want to bloom into reality.  Prepping and weeding and watering and breathing and believing and watching as the tiny sprout-lets push towards the surface.

I decided it might help to have a theme for my contributions to Nano Poblano this year.  There’s so many thoughts swirling and twirling about my wee kitten head that maybe a label could also be a focus, an anchor, a corral, a guide.

My choice is motion.

Sailing on Saturday with my husband, I saw these amazing beings dancing through the water with such grace and joy and ease that I hope with all my heart I can bring some of their magic into my movement forward.