Treasuring My Family

Today’s WP Photo Challenge asks you to post a photo that symbolizes something that is a particular treasure to you, not necessarily diamonds or gold, but a thing dear to your heart.

The "Stroh-gersons, both our families celebrating Christmas and the wedding together.

The “Stroh-gersons, both our families celebrating Christmas and the wedding together.

My treasure is my family, both old and new.

I had a very small family growing up. My Dad, my Mom and my sister, our grandparents, maybe a random but beloved cousin here and there. A particularly lovely Aunt comes to mind. Overall, a pretty small group.

My husband has a very large family.

When I married him two years ago, I acquired a most awesome Mom and Dad-in-Law, three Sister’s in Law, 11 nieces and nephews, 2 grandnieces and 1 grandnephew. Plus a fabulous cousin to add to the mix.


The most wonderful thing is everyone not only gets along, but genuinely likes each other. We’ve had some amazing family vacations and I’m coming to cherish each of them as I would my own family.

It’s a treasure that was also a gift – I am grateful for all of them.

Caught in a Nap

I noticed yesterday that my cats were sleeping on the sofa.  No giant surprise about the sleep.  They went pro several years ago.

The notable part is that they were sleeping next to each other.


As a rule, they don’t get a long so well.  They tolerate each other but there’s no love lost and a paw smack here and there tends to escalate into a rolling cat fight around 3 a.m.  They are incredibly jealous and take it personally if I pet or play with the other.

Once I ceased reeling from the unexpected tente, it occurred to me how lovely they looked, striped in shadow from afternoon sun streaming through the blinds.


I recalled the assignment from Photography 101 involved “Playing with Light.”  I like to think the defined darkness amid the brilliant sunlight illuminates their characters; juxtaposed sweetness and affection against the shadow of a sometimes fierce and feral nature.

The moment, as most beauty, was fleeting.  Waking at the sound of my camera, Brodie posed briefly for the second shot, then reached out, popped Keegan on the nose and took off running – the fragile peace destroyed.

I should have known to let sleeping cats lie.


Dressed in beauty

Photography101’s challenge today: The Natural World

Capture a moment, big or small, and pay attention to the lines and curves produced by nature.

A sudden moment, walking around a bend in the road near my Mom-in-Law’s house in Augusta, spellbound as magical flights of clouds and colors cloaked the sunset with twilight, as the chill of evening settled in.


A sky-flung veil of heliotrope brocade mirrored cloth of gold in the narrow lake, trimmed by the black lace of trees and buttoned by a diamond moon.