I reserve the right

to replace your regularly scheduled blog post with a beautiful sunset picture.

Or, for that matter, a gratuitous cat photo. 🙂


Instant Grat Instagram: Sunset Porn

I warned you last week that I had a new topic I would pull out whenever the writing genes wouldn’t zip up all the way.

I call it Instant Grat Instagram. {Lamely} bringing you my favorite moments from what is currently my favorite social media platform.  Hope you enjoy!

Today: Sunset Porn

Sunset porn. Pure and simple.

My loft has a spectacular view of the Atlanta skyline and I get some amazing sunsets.


Atlanta skyline.


Sunset on the Augusta canals, Augusta, Georgia.

1383506_10151746806227561_1981130249_n copy

Rosemary Beach – above the roof tops.


Evans, Georgia. Sunset over the lake.


My favorite skyline photos. Looks like ruffles of light.

Me and the hubs - Rosemary Beach, FL

Me and the hubs – Rosemary Beach, FL

Sun set in the North, Georgia Mountains - Big Canoe

Sunset in the North, Georgia Mountains – Big Canoe

Miramar Beach, Florida

Miramar Beach, Florida

Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida

“The pale stars were sliding into their places. The whispering of the leaves was almost hushed. All about them it was still and shadowy and sweet. It was that wonderful moment when, for lack of a visible horizon, the not yet darkened world seems infinitely greater—a moment when anything can happen, anything be believed in.”
Olivia Howard Dunbar, The Shell of Sense

Three Things Thursday: July 23, 2015

“Picture perfect.”

One of my favorite weekly blog challenges is Nerd In the Brain’s Three Things Thursday,  where she shares three things that made her smile: her “exercise in gratitude.”

She urges you to “steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy.” 

Looking back through the photo gallery on my phone, I was most struck by the lovely skies I saw over the last few days, so I thought I’d share those with you this week.  (added bonus that they were all attached to very happy moments!)

It's a double rainbow all the way.  Whoa.

It’s a double rainbow all the way. Whoa.   Enjoying nature’s “Art” outside of an Art Opening.

Walking home from barre class down the Beltline.

Walking home down the Beltline from a great barre class.  O4W Skate Park.

Sunset porn.  Pure and simple.

Tonight’s Sunset porn from my front door.   Had to stop, drop the groceries and take a picture!

Thank you, as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the inspiration and opportunity to share some happies!


Three Things Sunday: July 19, 2015

I’m sure by now, there is little surprise that I have once again missed the mark to contribute to this week’s “Three Things Thursday: An Exercise in Gratitude,” the lovely Nerd In The Brain’s weekly challenge.

At least, in a timely, Thursday-ish fashion.

However, one of the things I most happy about is:

I have been lost without lil' MacCie.

I have been lost without lil’ MacCie.

I have my computer back!  Yippee!!!

I was completely happy to let my husband use my laptop for an editing project the past three weeks (especially since it was a gift from him to begin with) but if you saw my few miserable attempts to blog via iphone, you will understand my overwhelming joy to get the little fella back.

Otherwise, it’s been a loooooonnnnggg week.  I’m really missing my friend and colleague (who received a well-deserved transfer and promotion), all made tougher by the fact I’m alone in the office now, doing a job best meant for 3 people, so I’m stressy and scrambling most of the time.

I have to keep smackin’ myself upside the head to remember that my life overflows with good things and I should stop the kvetching and focus on all the incredible positives instead of the minute amount of negative.

For instance, here is a spectacular sunset, viewed from my terrace on Monday:



Who wouldn’t feel saturated with color and sky after seeing that?  It leaves little room for the petty crap.

Tuesday, my dear friend Heidi strolled over on the Beltline and drug me out of my “poor little me” funk and down to my favorite bar, the Highlander, for dinner and some beverages.  Saw some other friends, vented, listened, smiled, giggled, laughed out loud: got myself back.

The walk back, on such a sultry summer night, was filled with lovely twinkly lights from the city spread out before us.

Ponce de Leon Avenue - Bank of America Building in the background and Ponce City Market to the left.

Ponce de Leon Avenue – Bank of America Building in the background and Ponce City Market to the left.


Lights of North Avenue, looking towards Midtown.

The walk and talk did a lot to put me in a better frame of mind.

So, I would love to share another view from my terrace – looking down instead of out.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies

Petunias and Snaps!

Petunias and Snaps!

Despite the recent oppressive heat, my flowers are exploding into gorgeousness, reminding me that there are things to be grateful for all around me. 

I simply need to open my eyes to find some happy.

Thank you as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the weekly reminder!