I just found this so funny

Where does the “other rice” come from?

They are marketing “plant-based” rice. (Look under the “Miracle Rice logo for the tag line).

I can understand a substitute product being created for people on keto, but I saw it and it caught me so off-guard that I had an almost fall-down laughing moment in Publix tonight, which actually I needed, so I thought I’d share.

It has inspired me to go and have a “plant-based” glass of wine.


The All-Too-Important Conversation about Pet Nick-names

Back in the Mythical Golden Days of 2019, when the Earth was green and there were unicorns, there was a marvelous meme on Twitter about what people called their pets – not their “official” names, but their nicknames-how they actually referred to them commonly.

I think it started with @metroadlib who posted this about her pup:

I found this hysterically funny and realized it hit pretty close-to-home. My kitties have proper names, of course, and since I haven’t produced human offspring, I felt it my duty to carry on family names with the children that I do have – albeit vertically challenged, hairy, and four-pawed.

Keegan is Keegan James Ferguson. His fosterer named him Keegan, because it was Gaelic for “Ball of Fire.” He’s a large, flamboyantly orange, stripey guy and a ballbuster, so it was perfect for him, as well as the fact that I’m of Scottish descent and it was actually beyond perfect that my kid be given a Scottish name.

The “James” is for my dad; it’s his first name. As I couldn’t give my father a human grandchild, I gave him a namesake that I still loved as much as if I’d birthed him. I’m not positive my father fully gets the honor.

When Brodie came along, it actually took me a bit to find his name. He was so tiny when I got him, only 5-weeks old and barely the size of my hand. I struggled looking for other Scottish monikers that would suit until I ran across the ideal name for this delightful, spunky little soul who darted about on wobbly kitten paws like a drunken sailor, furiously and devotedly (and somewhat unwelcomely) attached his new “big brother,” Keegan.

The name Brodie is from the Scots Gaelic too, and it means “little brother.”

How perfect for him and his inquisitive, intrusive zeal for all of life (and particular fascination with Keegan). He is, in fact, Brodie Green Ferguson. “Green” is a middle name passed down among the men of my father’s family for over 200 years. Again, not entirely sure my father grasps my efforts to maintain the historic significance of the name.

Nicknames for my cats developed over the years, as they will, but it took me running across the Twitter meme to realize all the truly crazy things I call them. And I should add that unlike @metroadlib, I call them by their “proper names” probably much less than 7% of the time.

Dear Lord. Some of the things that come out of my mouth tossed in their directions, I have no idea of the origin, but they fit them perfectly and hey, they sometimes answer.

Keegan: Keegs, Mister, Sir Keegs-a-lot, Orange Guy, Keegles, Keeg-o-matic, Bruiser, Buster, BigandTallSizes, Dude, Dude-eronomy, Kittyface, Tawny Kit-taen, Oldest Child, My Heart, KittenySpears, KiddleKat, Couch Tiger, KeeganJamesIveToldYouTwiceDammit.

Brodie: Brodester, Brode-a-licious, Brode-a-luff-a-gus, Detective Inspector, D.I. Ferguson, Brodie-butt, Sweet Pea, Fluffernutter, The World’s Tiniest and Fluffiest Mountain Lion, Scooter, Scoot, Love Bug, Schmoop, Brodiestopthatrightnowyouheardmemister, Precious Heart.

Of course, this list continues to grow. And please, don’t let me forget, there are names for the two together, as well, like “Frick and Frack” and “Skittles and Bits.”

So tell me! What do you call your babies?

Repost, Glorious Repost.

A repost: for your reading pleasure and my tenuous grasp on sanity.  From wayyyy back in 2015, I bring you an ode to my furry darlings.  Thanks for your patience (and continued support!)

International Cat Day – August 13, 2015

Several weeks ago, the world as we know it celebrated International Cat Day, a global celebration of our feline buddies.

While I was able to restrain myself from planning a parade or costumed ball, I thought I’d at least write a special post.

I currently don’t have much of a life outside of work, but I do have an overly-large collection of semi-“squee !!!” inducing photos of my hairy kids clogging the memory on my phone and some random thoughts on the cat psyche.

Voila. I’d rock out a tidy post and clear some photos from my phone cache at the same time.

(Do note that there’s a “Psych!” in the term “cat psyche” and it most likely won’t be coming from my mouth.)

And then…Saturday got away from me, as things tend to be doing a lot of lately, and the magical opportunity to laud my kitties passed.


Until I was forcefully reminded this evening by a 15-lb orange and white furby repeatedly head-butting his full body weight into my ankles…

::Ahem:: Pay attention to me. Now.

::Ahem:: Pay attention to me. Now.

that OHMIGOD, every day is International Cat Day in our house.

So in honor of the four-legged children of my heart, I would like to share some…hmmm…let’s call them “introspections,” that have recently come to me (with conveniently corroborating photos.)

This is the face of a cat. This is not the face of an innocent cat. There is no such thing.

This is the face of a cat. This is not the face of an innocent cat. There is no such thing.



I have learned that breakfast is not just the most important meal, but it is the most important thing.  Ever.  In the whole, wide world.  Breakfast in itself is so powerful a thing that it erases the memory of every other good thing that has ever happened in the history of time including dinner the night before (and all the breakfasts and dinners in the past) AND IS THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN CIVILIZATION AND THE FORCES OF EVIL, GOD HELP US, WOMAN, OPEN THE DAMN CAN!!!


I have learned that the act of eating breakfast is so exhaustive, it throws one immediately into a twenty-hour slumber.

I own a 1300-square foot, two-story loft.  I can’t move an inch without tripping over a cat.


However, when the vacuum cleaner makes an appearance, I couldn’t round up a cat with a hooker and a stack of hundred dollar bills.

I want to know: is it really necessary to run ahead of me to the bathroom, especially in the middle of the night, bellowing the kitty version of “All’s Clear!”?

Make way, make way!

Make way, make way!

I’ve learned that not only do they watch TV when they think I’m not around…

Surfing, really?

Surfing, really?

But they watch really weird stuff.  With great absorption.

I draw the line at buying him a surfboard. Or little surf shorts. Or flip flops.

I draw the line at buying him a surfboard. Or little surf shorts. Or flip flops.

And they sit way too damn close to the TV.

You know if you sit that close, you'll put your eyes out.

You’ll put your eyes out.

If there’s an empty box, bag or handbag…


There’s a cat to fill it.

2014-12-01 19.40.07_resized

But they are always the best present.

As I’m sitting here writing, I have two warm, snugly little sweethearts curled up against me, grumbling slightly when I inconvenience them by shifting under their persistent burrowing, but fairly intent on deafening me with purrs.

And love.

So here’s to International Cat Day.  Today and every day.


And to Keegan and Brodie, furkids extraordinaire, for being made of awesome.

It was a good day…

Today at the awards ceremony and team meeting at my Real Estate Company, I was recognized as one of the Top 10 Agents (#9 as a matter of fact) in the office by number of homes sold during the 3rd Quarter of 2019.

I knew I was busy, but wow! Wasn’t expecting this!

I love what I do helping people find their perfect home and this was just the “icing on the cake.” I’m so grateful for my fun, wonderful clients who trust me to help them achieve their dream.

Yay! {happy dance}

A Thank you to our Veterans


My heart-felt gratitude for your service.
“The best of our nation is exemplified by our nation’s veterans who embody what it means to put service above self. Who have sacrificed their own personal interests out of a greater love for our people and our country.”
– Tulsi Gabbard

A fish tale

I’m honestly wanting to write an actual post but I had another 13-hour work day today (albeit a great work day-I have awesome clients.) It’s almost midnight and I’m still sending and replying to emails and I want to post everyday this month so….

…so I give you-fishes, instead! I am so thankful for the phone camera.

My husband I got to attend a fundraiser event at the Georgia Aquarium two weeks ago and had an amazing time seeing all the gorgeous underwater critters!

It was a wonderful night and such a beautiful environment-absolutely magical.

I would tell you we had a whale of a time but I’ll spare us both.


My home is in Old Forth Ward in Atlanta, just outside of downtown,and I get miraculous, amazing sunsets over the skyline.

It’s always so wonderful to come home to my windows bathed in light and color and to stop my crazy day and just appreciate the glorious view of my city.