The “no-show” Snowpocalypse 2016

Please enjoy photos of our brutal “dusting.”   

I’m off to make French Toast…


Weather or not…

The city of Atlanta is shutting down for the weekend. Whoo hoo!

“Why?” you ask, innocent of the wide-spread hysteria that accompanies the mere mention of a snow flake in this Southern burg.



Because it’s raining and the temperature could drop below 30 degrees and we could get flurries.

Sometime after 10 p.m. tonight.

In prospect of this possible weather apocalypse, five hours from now, they closed the public schools around noon. All of the grocery stores have been wiped out of bread, milk and eggs in what must be mass anticipation of a day of French Toast making.

Yes, a mere day because the high tomorrow is forecast to be around 40 degrees and the high on Sunday nearing 50, so doubtful that anything with any potential to ice over will survive past Saturday afternoon.

Unless it’s that bottle of vodka in the freezer, and that might not make it to Sunday anyhow.


Just plain rain.

I could be wrong.  I certainly don’t profess to be a master of meteorology.

Just in case, we’re stockpiled with booze, groceries and the makings for a huge breakfast.

My incredibly cool boss (who’s from Chicago and thinks Southerners are  ridiculous when it comes to cold weather) told me and my sales assistant to take off early and “get ahead of any stupidity.”

So I’m at home, curled up with my computer and a glass of wine, waiting to see if we will get a little “wintry mix,” and enjoying my pretend Snow Day.


Hope you are warm and happy wherever you are!