A shout out to those who contributed…

Back in the day, I celebrated “April, the Natal Month” –a time devoted to me in its entirety.  I’d have to say that pretty much all 30 days were my designated self-soiree stomping grounds, with parties, dinners, music and mayhem enough for 30 girls.  Lately, due to er, umm, getting older ::sigh::, fatigue, falling out of touch with friends, working too much, whatever lame-ness I have constructed, my birthday celebrations (if you could still call them that) had dwindled to a mere token birthday dinner with a friend or two.  Pathetic really.

Holy Jesus.  After these past three weeks, I feel all resurrected n stuff.  I had a most fabulous birthday this year, starting on the 15th with dinner at the Shed with Laura, Matt, Heidi, Rhys and my Evil Twin, the Bear of Doug; followed by costumed hi- jinks on Saturday at the Spot for Ritual Oni’s birthday with Laura and Paul.  Dinner with my parents in B’ham the next week (and time with my precious niece Livvy!), a Chaine dinner the next Sunday with my fabuloso Fairy Godfathers at Woodfire Grill with Chef Kevin from Top Chef, Elvis Costello at the Tabernacle show on Monday 4/25 with college roomie and dear friend Bethie, Faith and the Muse show at the Masquerade  on 4/28 with the Lovely Roxie and Mike Cuccaro (plus a two day visit with Rox, yay!) AND a little reunion show this past Sunday at Limerick Junction with my old band, Jason Marcum and Jon Ripley, the bestest and most beloved musicians ever!

Wow, I’ve had some amazing birthdays in the past, but this was most likely the best so far.  Thank you so very much, my wonderful, persevering friends.  You mean everything to me. Thanks for not giving up.  This one’s for you.


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