November Begins:Tiny Peppers, Another Swat at the Novel and Dia de Los Muertos Festivities.

2014-11-01 15.32.09_resizedIt’s a little spooky that last night was Hallowe’en and it’s already November 1st.

Hallowe’en was always such a big deal to me in my past: as a bartender and bar owner, the holiday glittered with a stream of boozy parties and sexy costumes stretching over at least a week’s time. 2014-11-01 15.30.59_resized

Thanksgiving and Christmas being such “family” holidays, Hallowe’en was the last big-kid crazy dress up party until New Year’s Eve rolled around; December 31st’s less alluring and amateur debauchery segueing into the bleak abstinence of holiday-free January and Christmas credit card bills. Whoopin’ it up on Hallowe’en was the real “ring out the old year” and the glamor, fun and participating party peeps made it the highlight of my season.

Now that I’m all old and married (a relatively recent state for both), Hallowe’en has shifted a bit – struggling to find its place in my new life.

Last year's Steampunk costume

Last year’s Steampunk costume

I will forever love dolling up in costumes, but David hates nightclub events and honestly, I’m a bit tired of them-I’ve certainly had my share. Thank goodness one of my best friends, Laura, hosts a fabulous Halloween house party every year with a large group of very pleasant creative types in our age range who actually enjoy dressing up, so we’ve still managed to incorporate a little (mildly) boozy soiree and some (slightly more age-appropriate) sexy costumes.

This year the party is tonight, November 1st, so she’s rocking a Dia de los Muertos theme. Stay tuned for deets and pics tomorrow – we’re getting ready right now and I’m as giddy as a little kid – must be the ghost of Halloween past!

Today also starts a month-long commitment to writing.

I’ve somewhat foolishly (really, me, foolish?) signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and the most fun of all, Nano Poblano, a special bloggers’ support group for NaBloPoMo participants.

I struggled through and failed to complete NaNoWriMo last year, but I struggled through (and completed) NaBloPoMo last year. I may not have written anything ground breaking – the novel certainly languished with no love, but I was thrilled to survive at least one writing challenge. This year I’m going to dust off the book (hee!) one more time and see what happens, but if anything, I’m going to work the hardest at a blog post every day, because I. CAN. DO. IT.

Most of all, I’m really looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people this year and reading some wonderful stuff. Thanks, guys, so much for including me in Nano Pobleno. I’ll pepper you all with the same support and encouragement.

Dammit! Our Uber driver is here and I’ve got to run. Happy Dia de los Muertos, NaBloPoMo, Nano Poblano, NaNoWriMo and oh yeah, Happy Movember November to you all!


6 thoughts on “November Begins:Tiny Peppers, Another Swat at the Novel and Dia de Los Muertos Festivities.

  1. Oh goody, goody! I’m jumping up & down for ya’ll! Have fun and lot’s of it. I’ll be looking for the pictures tomorrow- oh, I can’t wait.


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