Blissed Out

I think it’s a picture post kind of day, so I’ll borrow a prompt from Photo 101.

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven. What is your idea of bliss? Today, publish an image that represents bliss.

"Walzing"  to "Moon River"

Waltzing to “Moon River”

This photo was taken on our wedding day, back in December of 2012. The occasion was extra, amazingly special because we had our whole families there, including David’s Dad, who we lost shortly afterwards to cancer.

The whole evening was so glowingly glittery with love and happiness that I honestly thought I would bust.

I especially love the float-y quality of this picture, which of course was achieved with a filter, but actually pretty accurately represents the effervescent swirl of joy I was feeling.

It was, indeed, a damn good day.


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