Some Assembly Required

My closet is an enormous mess.


Technically, it’s a walk-in closet, but more realistically, it’s a walk-on closet.


In a desperate measure to achieve some kind of order out of the overwhelming chaos, I purchased a garment rack, to give myself a little more space to hang things.

I should have taken all the loose rattling noises from the box as a sign.


There were 5 gazillion pieces to it. Holy crap.

After a moment of panic, I sat down with a large glass of wine the directions and the diagram and figured out which pieces were parts. About a bottle two and a half Downtown Abbey episodes on Amazon later, I emerged victorious.


Voila! The finished rack! Most importantly, there were no unidentified pieces left over when I was done.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am most grateful for my successful foray into storage engineering. Now, for another glass of wine a little inspiration to get started organizing all this clutter!


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