Countdown of Odd Gratitudes Continues…

7 Days of Odd Grats.

Sounds like Russell Crow’s band, 30 Odd Feet of Grunts.

Today I am oddly grateful (or is it grateful for the oddity?) that I finally finished painting my bathroom.

2014-11-22 17.15.14_resized

I started in August.

It seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. I had a day off and my bathroom walls were looking a little bleh. Time for a fresh look! It’s a bathroom, it’s small, how difficult could painting it actually be?

Of course, I didn’t really take into account all the weird little half walls, the sporadic decorative tile or the glass block, all of which required miles of taping off and tiny brushwork. By the way, tiny brushwork and I don’t run with the same crowd.

2014-11-22 17.13.59_resized

I also cleverly chose a dark metallic to cover my (formerly ivory) walls. Extra coats! Extra work! Fun times!

I limped along for a couple of months doing a miniscule patch here and there (over the mirror! around the showerhead!) all the while my bathroom a nightmare of rollers, brushes, tape and half-usable countertop.

My bête noire turned out to be the giant window with it’s complicated window blind casing that I had to claw out of the wall in order to paint the inside. There I was, like a goldfish in the bowl for all the passing world to see as I stood inside the sill painting around the edges.

2014-11-22 17.15.48_resized

But I can most thankfully report that today I packed away the brushes, stripped off the last bit of tape and hauled away the empty paint cans. Mission accomplished!

Now I just have to clean and put everything back.

That much more to be grateful for in the future.


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