Where, Oh Where Did My Weekend Just Go…

Oh where, oh where could it be?

Virtual kitten

Virtual kitten. Who couldn’t use some virtual hugs n kittens?

I had ambitious plans for this weekend.

The scribbled list on a paper scrap carried around in my purse the last three days looked a little like this:

Weekend To Do List

1. Take down the Christmas tree and pack up all the ornaments
2. Laundry – including pile of hand-washables. Steam/iron/put away properly.
3. Install new Quicken program on my computer. Import all banking files in early preparation for tax season.
3. Pure Barre Class Saturday at 11:45 a.m.

4. Pure Health Challenge Seminar at the studio at 1 p.m.
5. Buy groceries for week
6. Drop off shoes at cobbler to have heel repaired.
7. Clean out purse
8. Pick up prescription from drugstore
9. Stop by TJ Maxx to score some deeply discounted holiday wrapping paper to stock up for next year
10. Email five friends I desperately need to catch up with
11. Look for a dress for Burn’s Supper celebration in two weeks.
12. Write a blog post
13. Try to spend two hours at least catching up on work stuff I’m behind on (contracts, proposals) so I can start next week more prepared.

…blah, blah, blah, fishcakes. You get the drift.

What have I actually accomplished so far?

1. Overslept.
2. Rushed to Pure Barre Class at 11:45 a.m.

'Nuff said.

‘Nuff said.

3. Rolled out of post-barre class fetal position and pretended to pay attention Attended Pure Health Challenge Seminar at the studio at 1 p.m.
4. Went to Publix to buy “healthy” stuff recommended by dietician at Pure Health Challenge seminar. Ended up getting hummus, blueberries, kombucha and GF crackers. Dazzled by the promised glory of trendy health snacks, completely forgot the rest of grocery list, including light bulbs, laundry detergent and cat litter.
5. Arrived home to dark living room. Immediately filled with regret for not buying light bulbs.

6. Smelled room. Ditto cat litter.
7. Packed up half of the tree ornaments by candlelight, got bored and became quickly distracted by Facebook. Read a “shared” article about Habits of Successful People. Sent virtual “hug and kitten” to friend having a bad day.
8. Started to do laundry but realized there was no detergent.
9. Had a sudden insatiable desire to watch “Lord of the Rings.” (inspired by recent viewing of “tribute?” “artistic interpretation?” of the Hobbit currently in theatres.) Spent two hours searching for the DVDs, finally found stashed in the back of bookcase.
10. Realized how dusty bookcase was. Dusted.
11. Suddenly remembered shoes, ran to shoe repair shop to find they had closed 30 minutes earlier.
12. Stopped by T J Maxx to discover absolutely ZERO holiday items left to cleverly purchase at a discount for next year. Bought a completely unnecessary new yoga top instead.
13. Arrived at home exhausted at 8 p.m. In so much pain from barre class, had to spend an hour soaking in tub with Epsom salts.
14. Curled up on couch with hubs and watched Lord of the Rings. Fell asleep on couch.

1. Overslept.
2. Wrote blog post about how I accomplished nothing this weekend.



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