Three Things Thursday: February 19, 2015

For Nerd in the Brain’s Three Things Thursday, I’d like to share a few moments from my week for which I’m both happy and grateful.

A lovely and relaxing Valentine’s Day at home with my husband, “far from the madding crowd” at the restaurant where I work.

There was a cozy fire, pretty flowers, a nice bottle or two of wine and very importantly:




A beautiful, but very crisp Atlanta night. So far, we’ve avoided any snow and ice, for which I’m actually grateful, since I have too many events and too much work this week to afford a city shutdown. ::sigh:: It’s sad, truly, when you can’t get excited about missing work for a snow day.


And the biggest chunk of happy to share with you: our awesome foster dog, Beau! He’s the sweetest baby, but has had some rough handling in his two years before ALR rescued him a from a shelter. We’ll be working with a dog therapist and trainer to hopefully help him overcome some of his socialization issues and be happy and content living with us. He’s a special guy and we’re already totally in love with him.

It’s been a very nice week (work and arctic weather aside) and I’m looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Thank you again, Nerd in the Brain, for the opportunity to remember and share my gratitude!


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: February 19, 2015

    • ALR is such a great group. We’ve been happy to help however we can: working on the fundraisers, transporting pets, helping out on adoption day…Beau is our first baby to bring home and you can tell how happy he is to be in a kind and loving atmosphere.

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