Three Things Thursday: (Saturday) March 14, 2015

As always, a little tardy to the party with this week’s Three Things Thursday Saturday, a lovely challenge from Nerd in the Brain, encouraging you to post 3 things that made you smile this week, “an exercise in gratitude.”

2015-03-08 19.54.29We were in Augusta this past weekend, visiting my Mom-in-law, Linda, and had an opportunity to check out a new restaurant (for us at least) the 5 O’clock Bistro, downtown, off of Central.

My mom-in-law, enjoying dinner and the show!

My mom-in-law, enjoying dinner and the show!

Tasty food and an awesome band – the live music was fantastic!  Stand up bass, guitar, and electric violin, with super talented guys: The Henry’s.  It was a really lovely treat.  (and there was tiramisu!)

332442While we were in town, we also had a chance to visit my husband’s sister and her 9 gorgeous kids.  So fabulous to see my beautiful nieces and nephews!

332447They are all so smart, charming, talented and beautiful – I am very thrilled to be their Aunt Kim!

10929922_10152851360367561_9209328166815804443_nWednesday morning found me enjoying a rare sunrise from the High Up, Twirley Place, with a 7 a.m. call for a corporate breakfast.  The light and colors of the sunrise were truly magical.

11043039_10152851737397561_6263729604489376601_nNot magical enough to get me up every morning, but still, pretty awesome to see.

So, some lovely moments this week I’m grateful for – thank you, Nerdy for the inspiration!


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