Three Things Thursday: Thursday April 2, 2015

My contribution of some of this week’s happy moments to the lovely Nerd In the Brain’s Three Things Thursday…

because it’s pretty sad not to take time to be happy!
2015-04-01 22.57.21
When I was out running errands last Saturday, I stopped by Intown Hardware and visited my favorite chicken, who lives there in their Swanky-Chickens-for-Wealthy-Hipsters Coop (co-op?) I named her Aretha Franklin, because much like the famous singer, she has quite an amazing hat.

Lamentably, my husband will not allow me to have a chicken, so I must admire her from afar.

2015-04-01 22.59.44
We compounded the beautiful day with brunch at Bantam Pub, which they were kind enough to build in the driveway of my loft complex. The food is wildly delicious. We soaked up sunshine and sweet breezes on the patio while enjoying Eggs Benedict with grilled salmon and bloody marys for me and a fried egg-topped lamb burger and some bourbon for my husband.

2015-04-01 23.00.43
As the lovely warm Spring day chilled into the evening, my husband pulled out the chimenea and built a cozy little campfire lounge in the backyard.

I’ll keep him.

Thanks, NITB, for the weekly gratitude reminder, and happy upcoming weekend to you all!


6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Thursday April 2, 2015

  1. She is just the coolest chicken ever. The other chickens in the coop (they are all for sale – that neighborhood allows chickens) are just big ol’ red hens (I’m sure they have expensive Hipster breed names for them, like Artisan Reds, or Small Batch Poultry) but Aretha (who is actually a Polish hen) has STYLE. And it was a gorgeous day. So happy for warm breezes and blue skies! (And tasty food.) Hope you guys are getting lots of lovely Spring weather as well!


  2. I tell my husband, “That is one fine chicken!” He is unyielding. 😦 Of course, our neighborhood doesn’t allow chickens, so he does have that on his side. It was a lovely day. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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