A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to the New South: Kinfolks

“Who are her people?”

A totally legitimate question in the South, where who you are related to is almost as important as who you are.


I’m kin to a big ol’ bunch of fruitcakes.

“Being Southern isn’t talking with an accent…or rocking on a porch while drinking sweet tea, or knowing how to tell a good story. It’s how you’re brought up — with Southerners, family (blood kin or not) is sacred; you respect others and are polite nearly to a fault; you always know your place but are fierce about your beliefs. And food along with college football — is darn near a religion.”
Jan Norris


4 thoughts on “A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to the New South: Kinfolks

  1. What I love about hubby’s family is that every story has to start with a family history lesson. “Frank, you know, Aunt Alice’s 2nd boy. By her third husband. He married Judy. Judy Nolen.” They have to go through this every time a new person is mentioned in a conversation. LOL


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