A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to the New South: The Valuable Vidalia

It’s the state vegetable of Georgia.

“Vidalia onions aren’t just the most famous onions in the world; I think they may be the only famous onions in the world.”
Chef Bobby Flay


They are so mild, I’ve seen people eat them like apples.

They come from Vidalia, Georgia, and the sweetness is said to be a by-product of the low sulfur in the soil.

Slice them thick, bread them and fry them and they make the most delicious onion rings ever.


Vidalia Girl,
won’t you tell me why
Sweet Vidalia
You always gotta make me cry

Sammy Kershaw – Vidalia Lyrics | MetroLyrics



5 thoughts on “A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to the New South: The Valuable Vidalia

  1. Croce and now Kershaw! You are speaking some of my favorite music here!
    You have done such a beautiful and fun job with your theme! I truly hope you’ll finish out the last few letters, even though it is now May.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I thought I was going to be able to finish, then I went on vacation with my family and had so many issues with computers and internet that I gave up and decided to make the most of my time with them. Got home, and work jumped me from behind and pounded me into the ground. Still trying to catch up but I will finish the last ones. Your kindness and encouragement have been a huge inspiration. Thank you.


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