It’s a Cold, Cold War

We are fostering a young dog this weekend at the loft, while they get the paperwork straightened out about her adoption.


She’s one of the sweetest little pups I’ve ever met.  She is quiet, gentle and great in the crate.  Only about a year old.

And…she thinks cats are very exciting!

The cats are pissed.


To their credit, it is their house.  They never asked for a dog.

They are reallllly angry.

It’s a simmering rage, a festering emotion that will make itself known by icy, squishy hairballs in my shoes and wee in my over night bag.  It will be brutal in its speed and thoroughness.

Puppy, to her credit, just wants to play.

2015-05-12 08.40.49

However, the kitties want  nothing to do with “no stinkin’ dog.”

photo-1 copy



8 thoughts on “It’s a Cold, Cold War

  1. She’s actually with a better foster now (someone who is home during the day – I had to crate her while I was at work) and hopefully, a wonderful forever home with a nice couple who can get her next week. She’s a precious little girl and hoping she will be very happy. The cats are very relieved to have their home back. 🙂


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