#TRT: Rub a Dub Dub

I thought I would join the lovely folks over at Katzenworld this morning for “Tummy Rub Tuesdays.” Who doesn’t (BTW, that’s you, Internet) love a good cat picture?

My oldest furkid, Keegan is notorious for the drop and roll.

I am Beauty.  Come rub my Tummy.

I am Beauty. Come rub my Tummy.

Then the Siren’s call…

Rub me.  Now.  I will make all of your dreams come true.

Rub me. Now. I will make all of your dreams come true.

This is actually a lie. At this point, anyone gullible enough to fall for the bait, typically gets their hand savaged.

Oh, but he’s a pro.

This is our friends’ kitty, Gracie, a Rag Doll with a large amount of tummy real estate.

Brush.  Please . Never. Stop.

Brush. Please . Never. Stop.

And just to keep things fair, here’s a cute shot of our little foster, Spot, enjoying a snuggle with my husband.

A little “Squeee!!!” to start your day! Nothin’ wrong with that! Happy #TRT!


2 thoughts on “#TRT: Rub a Dub Dub

  1. My cat Ody loves rolling over on his back and getting tummy rubs. I know not of this “claw trap” phenomenon of which people speak. Gracie seems to have about the same massive square footage of underbelly as Ody has. As for my other cat Biskit… he would just as soon be dunked in water than rolled over on his back. I guess to each their own, I’d sure never turn down a tummy rub!


  2. Keegan will rarely scratch me, but he will nip on occasion and anyone other than the “hand that opens the can,” is a fair target for a scratch. My youngest, Brodie, dislikes to be touched anywhere on the undercarriage. He thinks it’s a plot to trim his nails. 🙂 Now he does love a snuggle and will get under the covers and “spoon.”


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