Three Things Thursday: November 26, 2015

I borrowed this concept from the lovely Nerd in the Brain, who encourages you to steal this “exercise in gratitude” with “wild abandon” by sharing three things that made you smile this week and “fill your blog with the happy.”

Thing #1: All-day brunch with friends last Sunday


We hadn’t had a dinner party in a while and I was missing my peeps all together in one place.


I suck at selfies.


There was tons of really amazing food:  Paul and Laura’s Homemade Butter Chicken (which is to die for), Ben’s Famous Bloody Mary Chili, Hawk’s Legendary Superbowl Mac N Cheese, B&B Casserole (baked eggs, Gruyere and ham) and Paula Deen’s Hashbrown Casserole (hashbrowns, cream of mushroom soup, 2 lbs of cheddar cheese and a bucket of sour cream, topped with crushed sour cream and onion potato chips) from me, baked to order scones from Susan and some delightful bottles of Cabernet and bubbles from The Bear of Doug (plus mimosas and bloody marys).


Most importantly, there was lots of catching up and talking and laughing and being grateful for all of our years of friendship and how it was even more important to us today.


Thing #2: Heidi’s Going Away Party on Tuesday


My awesomely amazing friend, Heidi, is leaving us for greener pastures beaches and relocating to South Florida.

She had a going-away gathering at Varuni Napoli, a swanky pizza joint in Midtown for 30-40 friends.


This pie was named “The Angry Sicilian.”  Why do I never listen?


Group pics with the gang.


Amazing tiramisu.

I will miss Heidi and our ambling walk-about dinners and her always positive and radiant self, but I will have email and phone calls and a new place to stay in Florida, so I’m dealing with myself and wishing her all the luck and fortune in the world as she makes the transition.

Thing #3 Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!


We’re at my parents this week, planning for a big family meal today and really enjoying relaxing, cooking and eating!


We’ve been setting up chairs and tables and finessing stuff since about ten this morning, with the big dinner is still to come later this afternoon.

For now, I’ll leave you with some turkey hats


and some turkeys.

2015-11-26 15.36.37

May you have a Thanksgiving bursting at the seams with love and happiness.

And there you go!  Three things that made me smile and brought joy to my week.  Thanks as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the inspiration!






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