A Hellacious Belle’s Pictorial Guide to the New South: A is for Azaleas #AtoZChallenge

Last year during the A-to-Z Challenge, I started a series of posts I called “A Hellacious Belle’s Guide to the New South,” sharing alphabetical insights into life in the modern-day Southern United States.

I was having a whole bunch of fun with my theme, but unfortunately, after 23 successful consecutive posts, I completely lost my *&$% and dropped the ball on letter W, failing to complete the challenge

(I always figured it’d be my “x” that did me in.)

::sigh:: I was so very disappointed in me.


This year the Belle is back!  I’m going to continue the Guide and this time I’m giving myself a little crutch – I’m calling it a “Pictorial” guide (read Instagram) to Life in the New South -that way if I run out of time and words, I can say it with photos.

Let’s kick this thing off with the Letter  A and show y’all how we roll down here South of the Mason-Dixon.



A is for AZALEAS


Azaleas are a flowering shrub ubiquitous in the Deep South.  They grow in yards, gardens and woods and come in colors ranging from snow white and the palest of pinks to vivid fuchsias, corals and reds.

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama and every spring that I can remember, they splashed themselves across the city in giant swathes of electrical pigment like some kind of heavenly technicolor yawn.

While my current home of Atlanta has azaleas, and in fairness, lots of them; the cooler climate and shorter season result in briefer, smaller “pops” of color – nothing like the riotous waves and walls and oceans of vibrant flowers I remember from my childhood.
Visiting David’s Mom in Augusta though, further south of Atlanta and with similar weather to my hometown, I’m once again dazzled with an abundance of azaleas.
photo 1
To me, they say, “Spring” and “Home” in colors you breathe into your heart.
And in the woods a fragrance rare
Of wild azaleas fills the air,
And richly tangled overhead
We see their blossoms sweet and red.



9 thoughts on “A Hellacious Belle’s Pictorial Guide to the New South: A is for Azaleas #AtoZChallenge

  1. You and my cousin are making me homesick! ;(
    She posted a pic of her in sandals this morning, sigh, and you’re posting sunshine and no coats! :P~~~~
    Born in Tennessee and lived In Georgia until we moved her when I was 8!

    Liked by 1 person

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