My theme for this month’s Nano Poblano blogging challenge is motion.

Tonight, leaving work, I got stuck in downtown Atlanta traffic.


My car didn’t move for a very long time.

However, my heart raced! (ohmigodthereisanopeningaheadgogogo)

My temper flared! (stoopidjerkfaceidjetyoucutmeoff)

My hopes plummeted. (jeezusnoarethosebluelightsaheadnononowewillnevermove)

My spirits soared! (wearemovingwearemovingwearemoving)

Sitting in traffic is exhausting.




9 thoughts on “Trafficking

  1. Living where I do, I can’t relate but I can say I’m sorry ! I do know the the lane your in is not going as fast as the other lane-when you get over THAT lane slows down. You can’t win for losing!

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