That time I wrote a song that was used in a movie.

Last year, my husband produced an independent film called Blind Trust.

It’s the story of a young immigration attorney, who while trying to help his client, becomes embroiled with the cartel and finds his ideals compromised by the kind of money that can both destroy and heal.

It was an incredible experience shooting the film – I was able to work on the production as a media liaison, and I coordinated press and actually wrote the IMDB film blurb and a lot of the content on the website.

They were wrapping up production last summer and my husband was stressing over a lot of the last minute details of post-production, including finding a song to play over the end credits.  The song needed to encompass the themes of the film without overtly tying into it.  He had previewed hundreds of artist submissions and nothing was right.

We were sitting out on the porch one night, having a glass of wine and listening to some of the songs.  He complained again that he couldn’t find the right song for what he needed.

Me (encouraged by a glass of wine): “I can write your song.”

My husband: “Sweetheart, I really appreciate that, but you’re not a song writer and I’ve had literally hundreds of submissions, by professional musicians and songwriters, and nothing is working.”

Me (grabbing a notepad and a pen).  I start scribbling madly.

My husband: “Seriously.  Don’t worry about it.  I’ll find something.”

Me: scribble, scribble, scribble.

Me (30 minutes later):  “what about this?”

My husband (reading):  “That’s great.  It’s really good.  But I need a finished song.”

Me (getting up and going inside to get my computer.)  “I just sent it to one of my musician friends.  Let’s see what he can do.”

Fast forward to a week later.  I get an email from my good friend, Jason Marcum, who I’d sent my lyrics to.  He sent back a fully produced song.  David loved it, the other producers loved it.

Fast forward two months later.  Sitting at the premier, watching the credits roll, I not only saw my name once, as Digital Marketing Content Curator and Media Liaison, but a second time, as the words to my song played overhead to the 200 people watching enraptured as the movie ended, Angel Fortuna, by Kim Ferguson and Jason Marcum.

Now that was really cool.


9 thoughts on “That time I wrote a song that was used in a movie.

  1. How amazing for you, well done Kim! I laughed at the bits when you were describing yourself scribbling out the lyrics. I listened to this and thought what a mellow, catchy and interesting song. It was meant to be and now you are immortalised in the credits of the film, along with the song itself. I do hope you write more of them because I know we will all go crazy for them 🙂

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