The Great Pie Drop 2018

Today my business partner and I picked up 30 fresh-baked pumpkin pies and delivered them to clients we had helped to buy or sell a home this year.


We’re the kind of realtors who make all we do about genuinely taking care of our clients – we go where they need us verses limiting ourselves to a certain neighborhood or area of town.  We’ve worked with people over the entire Metro Area this year, from Canton in the northern ‘burbs to Covington, down south.


Today we drove almost 300 miles dropping off pies to our client list.  No kidding.  From 10 this morning until almost 10 tonight.

Some people weren’t home, but we did manage to catch up with about seven or eight of our clients and spend a few minutes with them before we were off to the next destination.  It was so wonderful to see them living in and loving their homes and so excited about the changes in their lives!

We’re definitely thankful for our wonderful clients – most who’ve become friends and part of our family.  Wishing them and you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!



7 thoughts on “The Great Pie Drop 2018

  1. I’m very proud of ya’ll for driving those pies all over the Metro- Golly, Kim 12 hours is a long time, where could you have gone in a 12 hour period? That’s my daughter-inlaw!!


    • We went from Canton to Newnan, with stops in Roswell, Dunwoody, Marietta, Senoia and Sharpsburg. HIt it again today with Westside, Mableton, Buckhead, Morningside, Virginia Highlands and Old 4th Ward. Mike did Covington, Ola and Conyers! It was awesome to see everyone! (Or at least to see the lovely changes they’ve made to their new homes!)


  2. Fabulous follow up on clients! Patti Schreiner, friend and most successful realtor in Birmingham takes a large container of miniature purchased cookies to her clients each Christmas. The pies are also a great tool to keep you foremost in mind for resale and referrals. Way to go!

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    • We’ll definitely do it again next year! We’ve covered almost 400 miles of Metro in the past two days but everyone’s loved the pies and it’s been so wonderful to see the changes they’ve made to make their new homes “their own.”


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