Pit Stop



“Mom! I gotta this time!”

“Richie, I told you not to drink that damn Big Gulp! You had your chance when we pulled over at that truck stop for your sister. This car is not stopping until we get to Grandma’s.”






At six, I stood
by the big American flag
and pledged allegiance,
empty words of a child.
Friday night, I stood
by the blaring TV
and pledged again,
weighted words of an adult,
to honor my country and those who protect her.

In the Closet

Bam! Jarred awake, Lucy turned to her sister; but Susan snored softly, undisturbed.

Bam! Lucy slid from the bed and scurried through the gloom.

Bam! Flinging wide the wardrobe door, she startled as the bold winds of another world caressed her face.