Three Things Thursday: (Three Days Late) Sunday April 12, 2015

I have so many “happies” to contribute to Nerd in the Brain’s Three Things Thursday this week that it took me three extra days to post it all!

(Yeah, nice try.)

We were in Augusta last weekend, visiting my Mom-in-Law, Linda.

Friday night, we took a sunset cruise on the Augusta canals, in a Petersburg boat, which is a reproduction of the pole-barges used to ferry cotton down the Savannah river to the Augusta mills in the late 1800s.  The hour and a half boat tour offered wonderful live music with the Henrys (the trio of violin, stand-up bass and guitar we enjoyed hearing so much a few weeks ago at 5 o’clock Bistro) and we brought a bottle of wine and a picnic of cheese and charcuterie to enjoy along the way.





Saturday night, we took Linda to a wonderful restaurant in old downtown Augusta, called Frog Hollow Tavern.

Duck rillettes!

Duck rillettes!

The food and service were truly amazing.  I’m in the restaurant business, so it’s always so nice when someone just does it all right.  Details make the experience as much as the cuisine.

Augusta’s a little further South than Atlanta, so Spring was more firmly entrenched.  It was such a lovely weekend, with blue skies, warm sun and a riot of colorful flowers.



My husband and I have made a tradition of dressing up for Easter every year. He dons his seer-sucker suit, I coordinate an ensemble and hat (Easter bonnet!), and of course we always get the rest of the family to doll up, too.  It’s so much fun – I always love our annual photos.

photo 1

photo 3

Wishing you all a wonderful week!







Three Things Thursday (Saturday): March 21, 2015

Oh, the shame.

Once again, my weekly contribution to Ms. Fabulous Nerd in the Brain’s Three Things Thursday is dawdling into the blog arena on Saturday like a lethargic slug. (Do slugs dawdle? Hmmm. It’s time for coffee.)

Anyhow, my week was filled with stressy work stuff, and way too many events. I told my boss I was calling in “well” on Friday, and I did. So the first major “happy” of the week: much needed day off.

This is my "generic" gleeful face photo shot.  David thought I should have for for whenever someone finally buys me a pony.

Insert my “generic” gleeful face photo.  David thought I should practice for whenever someone finally buys me a pony.

The big happy of this week is that we are having a little dinner party tonight with some good friends, that we are calling, “Tardy to the Paddy’s Party,” because last week when it was actually St. Patrick’s Day, it was also too nutty at work to try to celebrate anything. Since photos from tonight’s event will most likely appear  next Thursday Saturday for Three Things Thursday, I can show you some happy “getting ready for the party” shots.

Irish inspiration for the morning java

Irish inspiration for the morning java

Arranging flowers (btw, Mark Bialczak, Trader Joe’s has awesomely inexpensive flowers) for the dinner table.

Daffodils, hydrangea, tulips and cala lilies

Daffodils, hydrangea, tulips and cala lilies

In honor of the first day of spring: 2015-03-20 17.05.09 2015-03-20 16.59.18

Jeeves, alligator butler and bearer of "Springtime."

Jeeves, alligator butler and bearer of “Springtime.”

Hopefully, Spring is springing up wherever you are! Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day and Happy weekend! three-things-thursday-spreading-happiness1