NaBloPoMo Day 19: Flashin’ Back

Earlier tonight, I was looking for a book in my giant messy bookcase, and a photo fell out and hurtled twenty-five years through time to my feet.

It's like a time capsule of bad hair.

It’s like a warning to children what not to do with your hair.

I immediately scanned it and sent it as a private message to my college besties pictured in the photo, BH and MMB. (And yes, that’s me, “pretty” in pink, waving the biohazard.)

A slightly tweaked version of the ensuing conversation:

Me: Look what I found! Mind if I post it?

MMB: OMG. Go ahead. It will be a Throwback Thursday pic for certain. Man. You and BH look gorgeous. What was I thinking with those bangs? Why am I shooting a bird to the wall?

Me: I think you are giving the finger to my crimpy comb-over.

MMB: But where are we?

Me: It’s Wednesday night at the Zoo, baybeeee. Let the debauchery commence.

MMB: That’s what I thought at first…the Z, but we look too fresh, too “uncrushed.”

Me: I’m thinkin’ this was a “before” pic.

MMB: Look at you, Miss Environmentally Conscious, bringing your own Styrofoam cup!

Me: It’s to balance out the hole my hairspray carved in the ozone layer.

BH: Look at all the teeth and hair!

Me: I’ll be sleepin’ with the lights on for weeks.


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