NaBloPoMo Day 20: Of Note…

The inspiration for this blog came from very charming posts this week by Thisblogisepic, and Rarasaur, who both wrote about a current Facebook quiz where you share little know facts about yourself to your friend list.

It was so much fun reading their stories, that I thought I would share mine. So this is for my friend Laura, who originally tagged me on Facebook, and any of you out there who appreciate a little randomness!

1. My parents originally planned to name me Kelly. I ended up a Kimberly, but according to my mother; when filling out my birth certificate, my father misspelled my middle name, which should not have had an “e.”

2. About seven years ago, while vacationing in L.A., I sang karaoke at a bar in the Valley with some of the guys from Alice In Chains. We weren’t on the stage at the same time, but my friends and I hung out Sean and Jerry and went to a party with them afterwards.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is my rock star story.

3. One of my cousins, I think third or fourth removed? was the governor of Alabama. Twice.
That is my famous relative story…


4. My great, great, great (?) grandfather was Frank James, brother of Jesse James. Generally, I feel the outlaw gene has skipped a few generations.
And then there’s rush hour.

image from

image from

5. I was an extra (the math teacher) in the made-for-MTV Movie, My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen: Part Two. I hung out most of the day eating Cheetos from craft services in exchange for $77 after taxes and about 3 seconds of air time, in a background shot while the main character gave a speech.

6. I’ve had the same cell phone number since 1994.

7. About three years ago, I pitched a TV show to the Food Network (they ultimately turned it down. Boo!) I will try again.

8. Before our family wedding in Augusta last December, David and I were secretly married on a helicopter while flying over downtown Atlanta.
It was fun and romantic and awesome, just like my husband.

Aerial nuptials!

Aerial nuptials!

9. I was a bartender (in some form or fashion) for over 20 years. I credit it for my ability to find a way to talk to anyone at anytime.
I make a mean cocktail, as well. Perhaps a more valuable skill.

10. The first interview I ever did as a journalist was with the Amazing Kreskin. I was a freshman in college at the University of South Alabama, writing for the Vanguard. I remember that during the show, he hypnotized a guy to think he was a chicken.
I want that power…

especially during rush hour.


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