A brief letter to my cat, Brodie.

And while I’m catching up on correspondence, a long-overdue letter to my youngest cat:

Dearest Detective Inspector Ferguson,
First, let me say thank you for your dedication and hard work in leading our home’s security team.  It is admirable how you personally inspect Every.Single.Container that enters our dwelling. No potato chip bag is too small, no fragile gift too beautifully wrapped, no container of food too clearly designated as my dinner to escape your trained powers of observation and mandatory physical evaluation.


In fact, you police the entire house with a zeal that is over and beyond the call of feline duty.  I’m quite positive you have single-paw-edly prevented a multitude of multinational mishaps due to your extreme diligence.

If, and only if, I might share but one small thing; miniscule in the greater threat of global terrorism, yet something that strikes at the very core of my being.


Toilet paper is not the enemy.

I still love you with all of my heart. Wait, whatareyou….that’s not… !!!! Waitstopnoooooo….


P.S. Thank you, Daily Prompt, “Literate for a Day” for the inspiration.


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