We are visiting my parents this weekend in Chelsea, Alabama and I ended up going to the store with my husband and my dad to pick up some stuff my mom needed. My father, who is left-handed, noticed that the guy in front of him at the register was writing out a check with his left hand (you never see checks at a grocery store anymore in Atlanta.)

My dad addressed the guy jovially: “So, us left-handers will take over the world someday, won’t we!?!”

The guy smiled and said, “You know, I think you’re right. It’s kinda funny you mention, but I actually work at a very small company, and all ten of us employees are left-handed.”

I said, “Ohmigod, that’s kinda sinister.



Have you ever had a joke or story fall completely flat?


6 thoughts on “Crickets.

  1. I don’t think I understand the Cricket’s ? E’splain- please. I’m left handed- the stores here in Georgia STILL take checks too but the fellow didn’t ‘get’ what your Dad said,eh? But you have to admit what the man said about his left-handed co-workers was interesting…


    • Good morninging, Linda!
      I called it “crickets” because no one got it and they just all got quiet and looked at me funny. 😦 The word “Sinister” means “on the left side” in heraldry and comes from the Latin word “sinistre”, which means left-handed, or on the left side. It was probably too early in the morning for my brand of humor.


  2. That is interesting about the word sinister. I love learning about all the different meanings of words. But I think the common connotation is that sinister is something with bad intentions? So I can see how the guy might have taken a double take 🙂 I wonder what that means though that everyone that works for him is left-handed. Maybe they are up to something a little sinister.


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