Interesting things I’ve recently heard.

We visited my parents this weekend, and I was fortunate to get a chance to see my sister and her daughter as well.

I was showing my little niece Olivia some pictures from my phone: a hodgepodge of work events, odd things that catch my eye and of course, random sunset shots whenever I can get them. She pointed to a photo taken from the place I work, which is a 3-story glass-walled dining complex on the 71st floor of an Atlanta highrise.


“That’s the Jedi Academy.” she proudly announced.

I choked up, suddenly so stricken with sadness that my place of employment wasn’t in fact, the Jedi Academy.

“No, honey. It’s not the academy, it’s just a restaurant.” I told her, but I’m not sure that she believed me.

Later, I shared this with my Dad, who said to me, “The only answer when someone asks if you work at the Jedi Academy, is ‘Yes, you are correct. And may the force be with you.'”

Back home in Atlanta that night, we walked over to the neighborhood Sunday Food Truck party, held in the large park several streets over from our house. We brought a bottle of wine and a blanket with us and enjoyed some very delicious pizza from Dominic’s on the nearby lawn.


Other neighbors settled nearby with their chairs and blankets and wafts of their conversation drifted our way.

“Bacon is definitely the gateway meat.” one fellow loudly announced.

I didn’t hear the rest, but I didn’t need to. That statement truly shines, as is, free of any context.

What have you heard amusing lately?


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