A Thank You Note to the Lady in the Truck Stop Bathroom

A re-post from last year’s NanoPoblano…

Dear lady in the Jaguars jersey in the truck stop bathroom in Eufala, Alabama;


Thank you for reaching over to my sink from your side of the counter and turning on the faucet for me.

I realize my somewhat frenzied hand waving in front of the taps may have led you to assume I was having a meltdown, exorcizing a demon or perhaps trying to land an imaginary plane.

You had no way of knowing that I work in a place where everything in the bathroom is automated.

There, in order to get soap/water/paper towels, you have to make a gesture within the motion-sensor range of the dispenser.

I’m sure I would have eventually figured it out,

but you took direct action.

Bless your kind and helpful heart.

I’m sure we have given each other a good story.




4 thoughts on “A Thank You Note to the Lady in the Truck Stop Bathroom

  1. OMG, going into a public restroom is a hot mess now. Some are fully automated. Some are fully manual. Some are some combination in between. And it’s not always super evident what is going on. I see people all the time struggling with this!

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  2. The lights are automatic in the bathrooms at work, but nothing else. Which doesn’t explain why I stood in front of the door one day waiting for it to open. Like I entering the grocery store or something.


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