From “Hot Mess” to “Hot Lanta.”

My post today was supposed to be my entry into this week’s microstory challenge over at yeah write.

I’ve been working on it since Sunday in draft form. The contest actually opened at midnight, so I went to post it this morning around 7:15 and my buddy, WordPress, somehow managed to hurl it backwards through time; posting it – yes, but in the process, date stamping it for Sunday, November 8th

At this point, I can only weep profusely and rend my hair and clothing, as I am now thoroughly screwed for a post dated for today.

I’m desperately scrapping around for a substitute and my day is already a hot mess of over-scheduling.


Since I work really high up in the sky and it’s the first sunshine Atlanta’s had in 11 days, please enjoy these delightful photos of the city as my “official” daily post, while I sniffle over-dramatically in the background. 


Stomp your feet in disgust

Curse the grey skies if you must

But you’ll find when you are done

Blue skies for everyone

– Bob Schneider


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