Three Things Thursday: November 12, 2015

I borrowed this concept from the lovely Nerd in the Brain, who encourages you to steal this “exercise in gratitude” with “wild abandon” by sharing three things that made you smile this week and “fill your blog with the happy.”

This week was super-busy, but I had some really nice moments to brighten it up a bit.

Thing #1: Two delightful lunches!


Lunch #1 – the Pace Cetter’s Women’s Business Networking Luncheon at the Capital City Club!  I love this group of ladies.  They are incredibly kind and positive and the monthly luncheon is something I always look forward to.

Lunch #2 – the annual Thanksgiving Day buffet the hotel throws for all 500+ employees.  ::sigh::  There’s a lot of deliciousness, but they really blow it out with the desserts.  This occasion was something my former colleague, Cheryl and I looked forward to all year long. We would stuff ourselves silly with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie and then lay torpidly on our desks afterwards like beached whales.  I miss her a lot (she earned a very well-deserved promotion and transfer), so it was a little bittersweet to go down by myself this year and just have a tiny piece of pie in her honor.



Thing #2: Spending time with people I like

I’m fortunate to work with some really fantastic people.  We had a big multi-brand corporate training session this morning at one of our sister hotels, and my co-manager Alp and I got to catch up with our former colleague, Abbey, whom we had no idea would be attending.  It was awesome to hang out afterwards over pizza and catch up before we had to heading back to work.


Thing #3 : a truly stunning sunset


Tonight’s sunset, seen from the 72nd floor, was spectacular.  I never get tired of them.


And there you go!  Three things that made me smile and brought joy to my week.  Thanks as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the inspiration!





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