Three Things Thursday: November 19, 2015

I borrowed this concept from the lovely Nerd in the Brain, who encourages you to steal this “exercise in gratitude” with “wild abandon” by sharing three things that made you smile this week and “fill your blog with the happy.”

Thing #1 Early Thanksgiving with David’s Family in Augusta last weekend.


We had a lovely and relaxing two days with his Mom, sister Debbie and brother-in-law, Joe.  It was fabulous to get away from work and all the stress and there was cornbread dressing and gravy.  ::yum::

Thing#2  Book Group!


We read The Night Circus, which was magical and enchanting.  Hanging out with the awesome Pace Cetters (the business networking and community service group I’m privileged to belong to) to eat, drink and discuss the book was equally enchanting.  It’s tremendously uplifting to spend time around truly positive people.

Thing #3 This week’s Sunsets


It was rainy and cloudy most of the week, but there were a few nice twilight moments to share!


I’m really looking forward to Sunday, when we are hosting a brunch for a bunch of friends at our house.  It’ll be wonderful to see everyone and hang out – it’s been a while since we’ve had people over.  And of course, Thanksgiving is next week – one of my favorite holidays.  I’ll be thrilled to see my parents, my sister and her family and my cousin Patti, who is driving down from Huntsville to have dinner with us this year.

And there you go!  Three things that made me smile and brought joy to my week.  Thanks as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the inspiration!



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