Three Things Thursday: January 28, 2016

I borrowed this concept from the lovely Nerd in the Brain, who encourages you to steal this “exercise in gratitude” with “wild abandon” by sharing three things that made you smile this week and “fill your blog with the happy.”


Thing 1:  Kicking this week off with a lovely, extra-long weekend due to a storm “fake out” that got us released from work half a day early on Friday and seemed to add just that soupçon more of playtime to the rest of my time off.


And there was French Toast!  ‘Cuz what else do you do with all the eggs, milk and bread!

Thing 2: This month’s “Taste of India” fundraising dinner hosted by the Learning Tea and Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party.  I know I wrote about it yesterday, but it did bring some solid fun and warm-n-fuzzies to my Monday.


Thing 3:  The most exciting of all!  We’re celebrating Burn’s Supper this coming weekend! Most of the last two days have been a whirlwind of packing and planning  after work, trying to cover all the logistics needed to host a weekend-long dinner party for twelve people at a home in the North Georgia Mountains.


This includes loading up our alligator butler, Jeeves, so he can “buttle” the festivities.  He’s really quite handy.


The best part is that we’ll spend four long, lovely days with my parents and eight of our good friends in a dreamily-divine house on top of a mountain, enjoying incredible views and food (and drink), with lots of downtime for reading, blogging, talking and just enjoying life.

Can’t wait!  Just one more day to go!

And there you have it!  Three things that made me smile and brought joy to my week.  Thanks as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the inspiration!







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