#Weekend coffee share: Saturday, February 6

#WeekendCoffeeShare was created by Part Time Monster. I’m so happy to participate again! I made an extra pot and I hope you’ll join me.


If we were having coffee, the first thing I’d so is introduce you to my Mother-in-Law, Linda, because we’re visiting her in Augusta and I’m sure she’d want to join in! (It’s also her coffee.)


My lovely “mom”-in-law, Linda!

It’s always such a nice getaway – not only do I enjoy her company and spending time with family, but there’s the accompanying “perk” that I’m not at home, facing a weekend “Gotta Get this Crap Done” list of house/car/clothing cleaning, repairs, bills, budgeting and other nasty-but-necessary aspects of growed-up life.

Being here, far from the visual reminders of domestic responsibility, means that I can read, blog, read other blogs, work on my website, take on-line classes, create a photo book for our recent Burns Supper celebration and otherwise indulge myself in the “me” time I can rarely schedule when I’m at home.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask what you’ve been watching on TV (should you watch TV) because I’ve been recently obsessed with Broadchurch.


I’m a huge Dr. Who Fan and love David Tennant’s Doctor, but this Tennant is a dark and flawed character, driven by pain and failure – very different from his charming and powerful Time Lord. A mesmerizing plot and really detailed and wonderful character development, added to the gorgeous scenery of coastal Dorset, kept me riveted through Seasons 1 and 2.

“And because you watched Broadchurch,” Netflix admonished me (after the final credits rolled on the last chair-gripping episode) “Look at all these British TV shows I’m going to suck you into!”

So far, they’ve succeeded with The Bletchley Circle, which I got half-way through last night.  However, this time, I swear I’m going to ration myself and not serial watch it all this weekend. Does that happen to you?


If we were having coffee, I’d ask you to grab your cup and come to the kitchen.  Linda just made pancakes!  Would you like some with blueberries or without?  There’s butter and maple syrup – help yourself.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we had an amazing time at our Burns Supper celebration last week and I’m looking forward both to blogging about it and to making another photo book for all the guests, like I did a few years ago. We’ve got so many awesome pictures and happy memories, it’s nice to gather them all in one place.


Which reminds me, while I’m not on an agenda, I guess I kinda am!  I need to get working on my book, and I’m feeling fairly inspired, so I’ll thank you for stopping by, remind you to schedule us again for next week and wish you a wonderful weekend full of all the things that make you happy!

I’d also like to thank Nerd in the Brain – I’ve enjoyed her “If We Were Having Coffee” posts so much, it inspired me to brew up a pot and join you all here at #WeekendCoffeeShare.


14 thoughts on “#Weekend coffee share: Saturday, February 6

  1. Have you watched Jessica Jones? I’ve only seen a couple episodes of Tennant’s Who, but they were adorable enough to have me not realizing the fantastically creepy JJ villain was … Tennant. 🙂


  2. Jessica Jones was awwwesome. And Tennant was wildly creepy in that one. Have you watched Daredevil? I liked that one a lot as well, even though the constant physical battery made me a little uncomfortable. Way too realistic.


  3. Welcome and thanks so much for the coffee and pancakes (please tell Linda, thanks too)! A co-worker of mine loves Broadchurch. She has loaned me a DVD but I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Sounds like I need to find time! Enjoy your weekend.

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  4. It’s really nice to have a mother-in-law and family that you get along well with. I’ve come to realize that over the past few years. 🙂

    I’ve been debating Broadchurch, as I do like David Tennant quite a bit. I might just have to give it a try, as I’m all out of things to watch for the moment.:)

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    • My husband and I feel so lucky that our families get along so well – we’ve actually all gotten to be friends (ack – getting older must do that!) and we have such a great time vacationing and spending holidays together! It is a really wonderful thing and I’ve grown to be very grateful for it.

      I found myself surprisingly mesmerized by Broadchurch – it really is a very different David Tennant – but it’s such a fascinating psychological thriller and they take the time to develop the characters – it’s much more like a visual novel (if that makes sense) verses somewhat typical police dramas that count on sensationalism and violence to build an audience.

      It does move a little slowly, but it didn’t bother me. You should check out Bletchley Circle as well – I thought it such an original premise and so far, very enjoyable.

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  5. Hi there~
    I am SO glad you added me to your list of favorites! After all, I AM your favorite MIL! ha

    I saw Broadchurch too. Was good. Just as Bletchley Circle. I saw it twice as a matter of fact, once by myself and once with Kim. I have to tell you, it was better with Kim. Everything is better with someone.


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  6. I’m only getting to these right now, nearly a week late. I spent a good chunk of last Sunday watching documentaries on PBS. Most of the time, it’s Star Trek: Enterprise for me, because Trip and T’Pol (I don’t really need any other reason, really, but #itswritingresearch, too!).

    Today is all about Welcome to Night Vale podcasts, because I promised my 11 year old I’d be ready to listen to the next one with her on Monday, but I was over 20 episodes behind, since I was a later adopter than she was. I’m closing that gap, though!

    I hope your visit and break from ‘growed-up’ things – and that the book creation was lovely. I enjoyed the coffee but skipped the pancakes, as I’m not a fan.

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