Three Things Thursday: February 4, 2016

I borrowed this concept from the lovely Nerd in the Brain, who encourages you to steal this “exercise in gratitude” with “wild abandon” by sharing three things that made you smile this week and “fill your blog with the happy.”

This week’s Thing 1:  Being in an amazing place.

We had another lovely, extra-long weekend due to our traditional celebration of Burn’s Supper with our family and a few close friends at a truly fabulous home in the North Georgia Mountains.


The weather was beautiful, the views were mind-blowing, the internet was down (ACK!!!) and the cell phone signal almost non-existent (AARRGGHH!!!!), so I went “off-line” for a change and actually enjoyed sleeping in, taking tons of pictures, enjoying long chats with family and “catching up;” cooking (I made Friday night fajitas for 12 people! – first time recipe!) and basking in front of the roaring fire with a book, watching the light and clouds dance across the skyline.


It was soooooo wonderful.


This week’s Thing 2: Filling up my soul with  vast vistas and soaring flights.


IMG_2390Red-tailed Hawk air shows!  Daily!  No charge! (2-drink minimum)

This week’s Thing 3: Friends who are family and family who are friends

Enjoying the love, companionship and camaraderie while celebrating what is becoming my new favorite annual tradition, Burns Supper.



And there you have it!  Three things that made me smile and brought joy to my week.  Thanks as always, Nerd in the Brain, for the inspiration!



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