Move it along…

My theme for this month’s Nano Poblano challenge is Motion.

Change sucks.

I honestly realize that change is quite frequently a very good thing and the changes I’m embarking on certainly are good and wonderful things, but breaking out of the box I so carefully built up around myself is painful.

I put my notice in at work yesterday.

I’m changing careers – that doesn’t suck.  I’m genuinely thrilled and excited about the opportunities that lie before me.

But saying goodbye to a job I’ve worked for almost five years is hard.  Saying goodbye to a place and a brand I helped define, one that contains part of me, is hard.  Saying goodbye to good people who brought humor and kindness to my life and both shared and lightened the load, is hard. Detaching myself, as my work world talks calmly about life after me, is hard.  But I have to let go because life moves on.  And so do I.

‘Cause I no longer got a dog in that hunt.

Move it along.





4 thoughts on “Move it along…

  1. This is not what I expected after yesterday’s post!

    I hope what’s ahead is awesome. I just talked with a lady at my office gave notice and told her how glad I am a took the leap of faith I did. I hope you find yourself saying the same before long.

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    • Yeah, yesterday was my warm-up tribute to my team. I’m really grateful for them. It was incredibly hard taking this step – I have to keep telling myself, “There’s no crying in baseball!” I’m going to miss everyone a lot.

      I do really appreciate your kind words. I’m really thrilled about the new opportunities in front of me and I hope I’m very quickly glad I took this leap of faith.

      Thank you.

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