This is my fourth year to participate in the National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo.

For the unknowing, unwary or uninitiated, it means I’ve committed to posting something every single day, for the 30 days of November, on my blog.  I love NaBloPoMo and I really, really want to participate, so I’m going to dedicate my posts this November, to things I’m grateful for, since that should be easy.  Right?

It may be words or just pictures from my phone (or both).

Ultimately, I believe that I have so many things to be truly thankful for, that even though sometimes I get temporarily overwhelmed and forget to appreciate all that I have,  I can’t run out of content, because my life is full of blessings.

So today, I’m grateful for NaBloPoMo, and for reasons to celebrate the good stuff.


~Grateful for silly photos on my phone that make me laugh~



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