A book by any other cover…

…would still be awesome at my quarterly Pace Cetter’s book club meeting.

Today, we were hosted by the lovely Debraleigh in her beautiful home, and had the pleasure of meeting her husband, brother and her cutey-pie son, Ian, along with her delightful fur kids (who were desperately hoping we might get clumsy and drop some cheese.)

It was a fabulous afternoon, with great refreshments and even better conversation. Unfortunately, we never got around to discussing our book.

But that just gives us more to talk about next at the next function. Which I’m really looking forward to. I can’t value enough spending time with friends, putting work and weekday stress aside and genuinely enjoying time spent with charming, funny and intelligent women. I feel recharged and maybe a little rewritten.

I can’t wait to get our next meet up on the books.


5 thoughts on “A book by any other cover…

    • Well, we normally do discuss the books – we were just having such a lovely time talking about everything else that it never quite happened! Your book selection sounds fascinating though – I will check it out! Hugs and love to you Auntee!


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