NaBloPoMo Day 14: Mirror, Mirror

IMAG2917The current Weekly Writing Challenge on WordPress, Traces, asks that you take a look around you and identify the three objects that most represent you and why.

How do they reflect your personality, and who you are?

Right now, I’m curled up in bed, cushioned by cats, writing on my laptop and chain-watching Dr. Who episodes.

Three pretty important things – I’m thinking I’ve got this covered.

One, the fur kids – Keegan and Brodie.

Two, my battered but beloved MacBook and three – the Doctor. Yep, all three symbols of varied aspects of me.

Were I to take it a little more seriously, though; what three things can I see that really represent me?

Well, first, I guess there’s the books. Lots and lots of books.



I’ve always found books to be a great comfort, not just by transmitting the magic of words, transporting me worlds and times away; but an actually feeling of comfort and safety that envelopes me when surrounded by their physical shells. Most of the several hundred books I still have (after a painful space compromise with the Kindle) are old friends.

Standing in my living room, scanning the bookcases, I see my buddy the Hobbit and his dwarf companions, my gal pals Rachel and Ivy, Elizabeth and the Bennet sisters, the Narnia kids and that charming detective, Spenser. I’m never without the joy of their company.

They also remind me of my dream, to be a writer, to add my stories to their collective.

Some Pig, Garibaldi, my 8-month-a-versary present.

Some Pig, Garibaldi, my 8-month-a-versary present.

Second? Hmmm.

Maybe second would be Garibaldi, the flying pig. He was a “month-i-versary” gift from my then boyfriend (now husband) David. I had never been one for serious relationships, figuring I’d get hitched “when pigs fly.” I was charmed and delighted with the surprise gift of Garibaldi, and the thoughtfulness and thinking behind the gift (a nod to Beyonce, metal chicken hero of one of my favorite blogs). It was an insight into the man who is my husband and the relationship, just then blossoming, that became our marriage.

The city, as art.

The city, as art.

Number three? I’d probably look outside for that. I bought my loft, quite simply, because of the view. I have a front row seat to sunrises and moon-rises, sunsets and windswept clouds; the vast glory of sky reflected against the metallic backdrop of the city. Nature + technology equals an odd but beautiful canvas, providing living art for my daily life.

So three things – not necessarily defining me, but certainly reflecting me. I could look and easily find others – after all, isn’t home the true mirror of who you are?


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