I’ll make a motion…

~My theme for this month’s Nano Poblano challenge is Motion~

Therefore I motion, since I have a twelve-hour day and an insanely complicated event stretching ahead of me at work, to give you a picture post, in lieu of words.

If I could get a second?

Photos from our recent week in Florida, on a hugely needed vacation.


sea oats at sunset


dolphins swimming alongside our sailboat


pelicans at the channel marker


birdie buddies


one of many amazing sunsets


and another


digging in – I didn’t want to leave


beautiful skies

I’m smiling, remembering.  It’s a good start to a long day.




4 thoughts on “I’ll make a motion…

  1. I Second your motion,Kim. From your beautiful snapshots from yours & David vacation I can tell you don’t want to do what ever you have to do but with these pictures in mind-you’ll do it! Good for you~


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